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Pulp & Paper

One answer: Adlite®

A flexible and efficient solution for your thermomechanical pulp treatment

Due to its unique combination of selective chemistry & pulping technology Adlite® offers the most extensive and flexible range of solutions for an efficient thermomechanical pulp treatment.

As a flexible all-in-one solution Adlite® can improve your pulp treatment significantly in several areas.

With its unique wide range of benefits, Adlite® is the answer to several of your needs. It offers a brightness gain comparable to oxidative bleaching. Combined with a higher wood yield, substantially lower energy consumption and less demand of chemicals in the entire production process from stock preparation to wastewater treatment. In addition, Adlite® will allow you to optimize your production process and your cost structure, while giving you extra degrees of freedom to design paper grades.

Your benefits

  • Safe & easy handling
  • More process stability
  • Outstandingly cost effective
  • Increased strength
  • Optimized resource efficiency
  • New paper & board grades